Which Therapy is Recommended for the Treatment of Trauma?

Trauma is a highly complex condition that can have a profound, lifelong impact on the emotional, mental, and even physical health of the individual living with it. Trauma can result from a nearly infinite range of events, spanning physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, even living through natural disasters and serious accidents can cause trauma. In […]

How Does PTSD Affect Veterans and Their Families

PTSD, officially known as post-traumatic stress disorder, is a complex and chronic mental health condition that anyone who has experienced trauma may be diagnosed with. While anyone who has experienced or witnessed traumatic events can potentially develop PTSD, it is one of the biggest concerns of veterans returning from combat or other traumatic operations they […]

How to Know if You Have a Personality Disorder

A personality disorder can have a dramatic effect on an individual’s daily life, as well as the way they think, behave, feel, and how they handle their relationships. However, personality disorders are often so nebulous to most people, that knowing how to tell if you have a personality disorder can be a considerable help in […]

Can You Overcome OCD?

For those living with OCD, the thought of potentially overcoming it can be almost laughable. Some days you feel compulsions so strong that you don’t think anything will ever help, but effective help is available. We’re going to talk about what OCD is, and what you can do to overcome it. We’ll also dig into […]

What Are the Best Practices for Trauma Treatment?

Trauma can seed itself deeply, and in some cases, it can result in lifelong changes in behavior and thought patterns. Recovery from trauma, even when the source is known, can be complex and lengthy. Additionally, there are many different ways to treat trauma and trauma-related disorders, and while one person may have incredible success with […]

How Does Childhood Trauma Affect Adulthood 

Childhood is supposed to be a time of growth, development, and carefree enjoyment. While this may happen most of the time, sometimes there will be trauma in early life that can leave an emotional mark for many years to come.  But just how long can it affect someone; can childhood trauma affect adulthood? We’re going […]

What is the Best Treatment for OCD?

Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, known as OCD, can be incredibly challenging. Without treatment, it can have considerable, even debilitating effects on an individual’s daily life. This is why it’s crucial for those struggling with compulsions or diagnosed with OCD to get the best, most effective treatments possible.  We’re going to take a look at […]

How to Recover From Emotional Trauma

Our experiences shape us, and certain memories can influence behavior and thought patterns for years or even decades after the formation of the memory. Our memories are largely happy or neutral, but there are some that are negative, and these negative memories can result in emotional trauma, also known as psychological trauma.  What Is Emotional […]

Does Insurance Cover Depression Treatment?

Maintaining mental health is something that everyone should be concerned about, and recognizing some of the signs of trouble can be the best time to enter into proactive treatment. But what about when you’re feeling depressed? Sure your health insurance will cover things like life-saving surgery or sudden hospitalization, but will it cover the treatments […]

Can You Develop Bipolar Disorder Over Time?

While it’s become almost a trend to “self-diagnose” as bipolar for people that believe they experience significant shifts in happiness and sadness over a short period, the term is often overused and used incorrectly. Just like many other mental health issues, bipolar disorder is generally misunderstood and generalized.  We’re going to take a look at […]

How to Get Treatment for PTSD

Many people are exposed to significant trauma or levels of chronic stress at some point, and for some, it can result in PTSD. While PTSD was once thought to be strictly a military issue, it was even called shell shock in the early 20th century, it is now known that it can develop or be […]

How to Help Someone With Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is something that millions of people struggle with, and contrary to what some may think, it’s much more than simply getting scared or worried about something. Individuals with anxiety disorders can face significant challenges that others may pass off as “overreacting”, and the effects of this disorder can be felt throughout many other aspects […]