Does Insurance Cover Depression Treatment?

Maintaining mental health is something that everyone should be concerned about, and recognizing some of the signs of trouble can be the best time to enter into proactive treatment. But what about when you’re feeling depressed? Sure your health insurance will cover things like life-saving surgery or sudden hospitalization, but will it cover the treatments needed to help you recover from or live with depression?

We’re going to take a good look at just what depression is, and whether or not your health insurance may cover some or all of your needed treatments for it. We’ll also look at some of the common treatments, and where you should turn if you need to speak to someone about depression treatment.

What Is Depression?

Depression, or major depressive episodes, is a mental disorder that causes a person to feel persistently and helplessly sad, alone, or generally disinterested in life and the world around them. When depression is untreated, it can intensify and become a more serious form of depression that can lead to a disruption of daily life, including hygiene and normal day-to-day tasks or responsibilities for school or work.

Depression is more than just “feeling a little down”, it is a persistent state of mind that the individual cannot simply snap out of. That said, there are treatments for depression, and many people that struggle with undiagnosed depression for years find immediate improvement when they finally speak to a professional and start a treatment program. 

Does Insurance Cover Depression Treatment?

In most cases, your insurance will have some provision for at least a minimal degree of depression treatment. The exact details will depend on your insurer and policy specifics, so if you have any questions about potential depression coverage for yourself, the first step would be to contact your insurer and get the details or reach out to a treatment provider who can check your insurance coverage. 

Some plans will have an allowance for free depression screening, as part of their preventative health measures. The Affordable Care Act now makes mental health access mandatory on new health plans, unless grandfathered in. Treatment for mental health is one of the ten “essential” health benefits.

Does Insurance Cover Inpatient Treatment For Depression?

Most newer plans will provide a degree of in-patient treatment coverage for those diagnosed with depression. There will often be time limits for the treatment program duration, and the insurer will always cover 100% of the cost, but in most cases, you will be able to have a considerable portion of your in-patient depression treatment covered. 

To find out more, contact your insurance provider. They will be able to tell you not only the coverage eligibility but the copay or coinsurance that would be due for the admission for in network and out of network providers. If you have a specific depression treatment program you are interested in, it will be best to contact the admissions team or that program to get specific financial information for that program. 

What Are Common Depression Treatments?

There are many different treatments for depression, but some of the most popular or common treatments are going to be treatments that are more likely to be covered by insurance. This includes treatments such as:

All three are considered effective ways to treat depression in adolescents and adults. Medication is a very common starting point for many patients and can include one of many different types of medications designed to help rectify the chemical imbalance that tends to be common in those with depression.

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