Jeb Bush’s 4-Part Plan to Combat Drug Addiction

Jeb Bush by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

In the run up to the 2016 Presidential election, it’s good to see candidates from both major parties advocating for more progressive drug addiction policies, recognizing addiction as a health issue. Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush discusses the issue of drug addiction and his plans to combat it should he become president. The Florida governor specifically talked about his daughter’s struggles with addiction and his responsibility as a father to help her. Noelle, Bush’s daughter, had been arrested in 2002 for attempting to purchase anxiety medication with a fraudulent prescription. Later that year, while in rehabilitation, she was found in possession of crack cocaine.

Noelle’s drug abuse was heartbreaking for Bush and his entire family. After helping her through drug court, Bush was able to see his daughter successfully recover. She emerged drug-free after her time in drug court, a restorative solution to drug addiction that focuses on multi-disciplinary coordination among judiciary, social services and addiction recovery professionals.

Bush has taken his experience as a father of a child recovering from drug addiction into his work as Florida governor and as part of his presidential campaign. Bush recognizes the availability of cheap heroin and has created a four-part plan to further combat drug abuse as president:

1. Prevent drug abuse and addiction early on

Bush hopes to ensure that drug abuse prevention begins in childhood, starting with joint efforts among parents, teachers and the community. He also wants the private sector to be more involved in these efforts, with coalitions consisting of health, social services and law enforcement professionals. This way, more local resources are available to the community.

2. Strengthen criminal justice system

By supporting policies that distinguish pill mills from pain clinics, Bush believes he can replace punishment for drug abuse with addiction treatment and recovery. Expanding drug court access and improvising drug abuse sentencing laws are some of the ways those dependent on drugs can receive help rather than punishment.

3. Enhance border security to stop flow of illicit drugs

To stop the flow of illegal drugs from Mexico, especially heroin, Bush plans to strengthen border security. He also expects to work alongside partner nations to tackle the issue of illicit drug trafficking.

4. Improve addiction treatment and recovery programs

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs will be enhanced to monitor electronic prescribing. Bush will support innovative addiction recovery and treatment tools that better address individuals’ specific medical needs.

With this four-part drug abuse prevention plan, Jeb Bush has shown his dedication to drug addiction recovery. Casa Recovery shows the same dedication to drug addiction treatment to anyone seeking help. Holistic addiction treatment is one recovery method many recommend for their loved ones who have become physically dependent on drugs. Casa Recovery offers a treatment program in Orange County, CA that focuses on the individual and allows each person to move beyond addiction. Contact us today for more information or visit our caring team of addiction recovery experts in San Juan Capistrano today!

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