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Google Review: Carolyn A., January 2019

Casa Recovery was a great place for our son. The staff are very professional and connected well with him, and the communication with us as his parents was outstanding. Our son responded very well to their treatment philosophies. I highly recommend this center, as someone who has experienced a variety of places for loved ones in recovery. Casa has been the best place thus far, with respect to the care they gave to our loved one and their treatment of my husband and me as parents.

Yelp Review: Josh H., December 2018


Facebook Review: Monica H., October 2018

I recommend all the counseling, therapy, classes and support. The people that run Casa truly care about each individual person. It was the best experience for my son and our family. We trusted these people with our sons life and they brought him to sobriety. Even after graduating Casa they still keep in touch with him.

Google Review: Curtis H., November 2018

The Staff is amazing! They have introduced me to myself. They have helped to get to the root of my problems so that I can now recover. I don’t know who this person is that I am becoming. But I LIKE him. If you are willing to be challenged and do some research/work on yourself and you are seeking sobriety, they will guide you on your journey.

Facebook Review: Connor Z., October 2018

CASA recovery honestly best program I’ve been to. The amount of love they show throughout their program is unreal. From the counselors to the therapist to the drivers they showed unconditional love which truly changed my life. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or alcoholism I highly recommended this facility. Thank you CASA recovery for all you did for me.

Yelp Review: Amy P., April 2 2018

The staff at CASA Recovery is the best I have ever found. The treatment program is amazing. These people truly care about you and your recovery! I would recommend this place to ANYBODY seeks my help from the freedom of the disease of drug addiction and alcoholism.

Review: Maria S., February 2018

I give Casa FIVE STARS!!! I felt very cared for there. I really appreciate the help I received. I am living on my own, working and going to meetings as well as getting together with friends and family and not isolating. I learned so many good things at Casa and I truly miss everyone, employees and clients!

Facebook Review: Amy Michelle, April 20 2018

Casa Recovery saved my life! Moving out here to California from Dallas Texas was the best decision I’ve ever made. The staff is incredible everyone cares so much. I don’t know what I would’ve done without this place! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for help in their recovery.

Facebook Review: Alicia B., March 2018

Casa was one of the greatest experiences I have had. The staff are so kind and helpful. My counselor, Sandy was BEYOND amazing! Just all around great people that have your best interest and help to put back the broken pieces. Lots of different approaches to healing. I learned so much about myself and who I want to be; but most of all accepting and loving myself for how I am today. So blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of such a stellar program!

Facebook Review: Becka E., April 2018

CASA has saved my life on multiple occasions. They have never given up on me and have never turned me away when I was in need. When I was at my absolute lowest point in life they are the only people I could turn to. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without this facility and their amazing staff. I can’t even truly put into words how grateful I am for what they’ve done for me. If you are questioning which treatment center is right for you or a loved one, please look no further. This facility is magic.


I’m almost 18 months clean and everything I wanted in life, I have got back and more. I don’t look for excuses today I look at everything as an opportunity to learn. If you can really surrender and I must say I don’t like that word but if your honestly ready to start living again and start your journey to living a great life… I’d even put a million dollars if I had it that there is no better place in the entire world that will get you ready for this journey of a life and to finally be able to just enjoy yourself for once, to really be able to say your happy. Krishna and the rest of the team I know you know who are thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yelp Review: Justin W., November 14 2017

Casa recovery has completely turned my life around. I walked in here completely lost in life. Without casa recovery and the staff especially my counselor Sandy I would have not been able to change. They helped me grow as a person in every way of my life and have been supportive every step of the way. Thanks to casa recovery I now have a life again and I have been able to repair the broken relationships in my life.

Yelp Review: Deanna W., July 31 2017

Casa Recovery has helped to change and save my sons life! The staff is truly caring and Sandy S. has been a wonderful counselor to him, going above and beyond! Sandy is great at keeping family informed and has always been very responsive when I reach out to her. We live out of state but have attended family and family group sessions which have also been helpful. With inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment and sober living, my son has become himself again, has progressed into a healthy and responsible person and is working hard to maintain his sobriety. I am very grateful to Casa recovery!

Google Review: Erica Pendleton

Casa recovery is by far the best rehab facility I’ve been to. They truly care for each and every one of their clients. They helped me overcome obstacles and become the best person I can be. I highly recommend casa to anyone seeking help or a new way of life.


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