In a recent TV interview, well-known former opioid addict Jamie Lee Curtis spoke of her battle with addictionand how she found sobriety more than 18 years ago. Curtis reflected on the untimely deaths of Prince and Michael Jackson, reiterating her opinion that addiction is non-discriminatory and that there are still many misconceptions held in our society.

Jamie Lee Curtis Reflects on Her Own Addiction

Recalling the moment that she decided to get help for her addiction, Curtis references an article in Esquire magazine by Tom Chiarella in which he details his own Vicodin dependence. The part that particularly resonated with the star was how the writer recognized his ability to locate every hidden Vicodin pill in his home as being the most obvious signal of his addiction.

Literally stopped in her tracks, she realized that she was not alone in her addiction and fully credits her resolve to become sober to reading the Chiarella article.  Curtis has since said that the most beautiful thing about recovery is connecting and that meeting others in the same situation allows addicts a better platform to communicate what they’re going through.

Jamie Lee Curtis Remains a Strong Advocate for Addiction Recovery

Since the day Jamie Lee Curtis read the article almost two decades ago, the actress has been at the forefront of raising awareness of addiction issues, particularly those related to prescription painkillers such as Vicodin, which are opiate-based.  The value of a high profile movie star campaigning on behalf of an increasingly addicted global population is enormous and goes a tremendous way towards creating a solution through acceptance of addiction as a chronic disease.

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