How Weather Affects Substance Use Disorder and Recovery

Weather and Recovery

How Weather Affects Substance Use Disorder and Recovery


It isn’t unusual for us to let the weather get us down. When we’re waking up on dreary mornings to work throughout the grey day before returning home in the dark, it can be hard to keep your spirits up. For someone who is recovering from substance abuse, bad weather can have an even more damaging effect, sometimes leading to relapse. Here we take a look at how the weather can influence the way we think and feel about the world.


Bad Weather Affects Mood During Recovery


Although there is no scientific study to show that weather causes people to abuse substances more, many addicts report it as a reason. Perhaps it could be viewed they use bad weather as an excuse but there is a big element of truth in how it can really affect our moods. There is a mental health condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is very much related to how weather impacts our emotional wellbeing.


It can be common for an addict to use more drugs or alcohol during cold snaps or when there is heavy and prolonged rain. Even people without issues of substance abuse can feel the negative effects of bad weather, just as they feel much brighter and bouncier when the sun is out. It isn’t really hard to fathom that we feel better with the sun on our skin and clear blue skies but it is important to know how to cope when the weather turns bad.


One of the many treatments available to help people deal with winter weather is called a light lamp. This is used at the beginning and end of each day to ‘fill in’ the longer hours of sunlight we get during summer that we miss out on in winter. This is a simple measure but makes a significant difference for people who find it hard to cope with the shorter days and lack of regular sunshine.


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