How To Let Go Of Your Past In Addiction Recovery

As with most of life’s hurdles, it is not possible to progress forwards until the past has been addressed and dealt with. When someone is struggling with addiction issues, letting go of the past and the mental or emotional scars they’ve been left with can be extremely difficult. Additionally, if someone has a history of prolonged abuse particularly of mind-altering substances, then the traumas from the past can seem even more highlighted than before and unless treatment is sought, can lead to serious long-term mental health issues.

Letting go of the past is a process that takes time and something that won’t happen overnight. It is usually through group and individual therapy that the issues from the past that plague a person are identified. Here are some ways you can help the process along yourself:

Get Closure

Most people have a record of those who have hurt them or the people we may have hurt at some stage in our lives. An important part of letting go is to seek out closure by approaching those people you have hurt and asking for forgiveness. Whether that is accepted is another matter but you have to clean your side of the street in order for you to move on. In the case of the people who have hurt you, there’s no need to meet with them but you do need to attempt to understand their actions and then forgive them.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to lean on the support of others if you are struggling to close the door on negative events in the past. An important part of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs is to assist in building support groups and networks and places where you can go to find understanding and acceptance.

Practice Mindfulness

Yoga and meditation are among the most popular mindfulness practices used in rehabilitation treatment to prepare for dealing with life afterwards. By centering your focus on your breathing, it is possible to silence the mind’s internal dialogue, lower blood pressure and relieve hypertension. Mindfulness is a vital tool as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety.

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