When you’ve completed alcohol or drug addiction treatment and have returned to daily life, you are presented with the perfect opportunity to completely overhaul your lifestyle very much for the better. While in a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, you’ll be armed with an arsenal of weapons to defend your sobriety and prevent relapse through consistent group and individual therapy, mindfulness practices and coping mechanisms.

What Can You Do to Benefit Your Recovery After Rehab?

There are steps you can take to actively change your lifestyle to encourage better relationships and a fresh outlook for a more positive future, as follows:

Find Sober Friends

Although you may have been away from your regular haunts for a while as you’ve been in rehab, it is risky to attempt to return to the same circle of friends whose company you enjoyed before treatment. This is to prevent others who are still addicted from enabling you to abuse ‘just one more time’.

Move Home if You Have To

For the same reason as above, if you live in the center of the where you scored or ‘enjoyed’ getting high, then your home is at the core of an enabling environment. It won’t be possible to avoid the places, people and circumstances that kept you addicted and so there’s no alternative but to move.

Keep All Follow-Up Appointments

Keeping to structured appointments and therapy sessions is crucial to successful recovery. Learning how to become reliable and relied upon is also important in building the confidence to continue a life of sobriety.

Enjoy Mindfulness Practices

You’ll probably have learned some yoga or meditation techniques while in treatment and they are great for restoring peace to mind, body and soul. Many addicts also suffer with depression and anxiety and mindfulness is the best – and most organic – form of coping mechanism against them.

Help Someone Else in Recovery

Finding others in the same situation as yourself is great for supporting you in recovery and providing a platform for expression that is accepting. It is also just as valuable to care for another recovering addict after you’ve finished rehab. This brings a sense of responsibility that also bolsters your own recovery process as the focus is on someone other than you.

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