The Importance Of Setting Boundaries With An Addicted Loved One

One of the most difficult aspects of living with a loved one with addiction issues is that they lose their ability to recognize the consequences of their actions. This can lead to the kind of destructive behavior that drives wedges between family members, breaking even the closest bonds irreparably. Specialist alcohol and drug addiction treatment introduces structure into an addict’s life by setting boundaries as an integral part of therapy.

Personal Boundary Setting for Addicts and Their Loved Ones

It is important that all parties affected by addiction in the family and the person themselves set boundaries according to their own principals and beliefs. It is very easy to enable an addicted loved one by not having boundaries, although it may seem more difficult to establish them in the face of their illness. Setting the terms of your relationship with an addicted loved one may seem harsh but is important to encourage them to accept the consequences of their negative actions.

Here are some boundaries you can set with a loved one struggling with addiction issues that can significantly benefit them:

  • No drugs or alcohol allowed in the house or in my presence
  • No drug-abusing friends may enter my home
  • If your behavior results in arrest, I will not bail you out
  • No more unacceptable language or insulting behavior
  • I refuse to give you any money no matter what the circumstances
  • I will not make excuses for your behavior irrespective of the situation
  • If you are late for a meal at home, you will no longer be welcome to join us

Although it is difficult to deal with someone close to you who is pleading for money and behaving aggressively when you try and say no, by setting boundaries you’ve already stated your intention. Of course, as with parenting, it is essential to be consistent and to always follow through on the course of action you’ve determined if the need arises.

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