How to Enjoy a Holly, Jolly & Sober Holiday Season

The holidays can be a joyous occasion, but also can be filled with stress. With holiday parties, family time, and balancing work with your home life, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to maintain your sobriety during these happy but sometimes difficult times.


Holiday parties are an essential experience during the holidays. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family, and there’s food! Unfortunately, there are usually alcoholic beverages that you may feel tempted by. Don’t feel as though you need to drink to have a good time. Find some non-alcoholic eggnog and enjoy this special time with your family. Avoid those who may pressure you to drink and explain your sobriety if you feel that’s necessary.


The pressure to buy gifts for your family can be stressful, but your sobriety is probably the best gift they can receive. Confide in your family if you feel stressed, and don’t let trivial things push you into a relapse. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Some families experience tension and friction during the holiday season. It may seem tempting to take a drink when disagreements between family members escalate, but a wiser course of action is to remove yourself from the situation before it gets to be too much. Your family will understand, and appreciate the effort to keep yourself sober.

Ask for Help

If everything begins to feel like it’s too much, reach out to Casa Recovery, an addiction recovery center in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Our team of professionals in Southern California is here to help. Casa Recovery offers some of the best alcohol addiction treatment in Orange County, CA. If you find yourself in need of extra help, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help from an addiction recovery center. We offer 30-,60-, and 90-day treatment options, and outpatient treatment options. Whether you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, or just alcohol addiction, we have treatment programs that will work for you. Aside from the usual counseling sessions and cognitive-behavioral techniques, we also offer holistic treatments like massage therapy and tai chi.

So if you’re ready to enjoy a jolly, sober holiday season, contact us today. We’re here to help.

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