Parents struggling with alcohol addiction often find that the quality of their lives, and those of their family members, suffers. If you’re a parent dealing with alcohol abuse, you don’t have to feel utterly alone and lost. Beating any addiction is possible with the right help, support and addiction treatment programs. Casa Recovery provides such professional help with the best trusted addiction treatment in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Recognize that Alcohol Provides Only Fleeting Relief

Alcohol provides only temporary relief for handling overwhelming situations or problems you don’t want to face. More than this, there are repercussions. This fleeting relief is traded for ruined marriages and destroyed childhoods. It is not just the alcoholic parent who is at risk, but everyone else in the family.

Acknowledge Your Alcohol Addiction

The first step to seeking help is to acknowledge that there is a problem and the want for something better. No one can help an addict get better unless he or she wants to. The decision to get better has to come from yourself.

Identifying Signs of Alcohol Addiction

The best way to know when help is needed is by identifying certain signs or patterns of behavior. If you’re a parent that might have an alcohol addiction, consider these signs:

-Experiencing blackouts.
-Depending on alcohol to relax or cope with a situation or feeling overwhelmed.
-Increasing the amount of alcohol, over a period of time, to receive the same effects of ‘relief’.
-Behavioral changes: withdrawal, mood swings, aggressive behavior, violent.
-Work and family life starts suffering and relationships deteriorates.

Addiction is hard to change. For the best chance of success, seek professional help. A rehabilitation center offers recovery programs and long term success. There is nobility in seeking help to get well, especially when you’re doing it for your family and children. Ask someone you trust to help you seek a drug addiction treatment in Orange County, CA.

Casa Recovery offers the very best in drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs to Southern California. We emphasize holistic treatment programs to ensure our patients receive the help and support they need to overcome drug addiction and alcohol addiction. For more information on the treatment programs we offer at our addiction recovery center near Dana Point and Mission Viejo, CA, please give us a call today!

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