5 Signs That You May Have a Drug Problem

More often than not people with a drug dependency are in desperate for help. Many a times they are not aware that they need this help. It is up to their loved ones to try and assist them. Knowing what signs to look out for is immensely helpful in getting a loved one the help they need.

The Most Common Signs of Drug Dependency

If a loved family member or friend display some of these common signs of drug dependency, it is important to get professional advice and help at a rehabilitation center as soon as possible.

-The person begins to neglect responsibilities at school, work, even neglecting looking after a family if a parent.
-The person displays worrying behavior and gets into frequent trouble with the law as a result (theft, disorderly conduct).
-Relationship problems arise: There are frequent fights with loved ones, and a potential loss of friends.
-Physical symptoms: sudden weight loss, bloodshot eyes, neglect of physical appearance, unusual smells, impaired coordination, changes in appetite and sleeping patterns.
-Psychological symptoms: often displaying paranoia, irritation, fearfulness, anxiety and anger.

Avoid These Unhelpful Behaviors

It is best not to try and bribe or use emotional appeals to help. This may only increase guilt and encourage more drug use. Other unhelpful behaviors include: making excuses for your loved one or covering up their irresponsible behaviors, or protecting them from negative consequences. Instead, the best form of help is to get him or her into a drug addiction treatment center.

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