Disease or Not, Treating Addicts as Patients Leads to Recovery

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Neuroscientist Marc Lewis argues that addiction is not a disease, and that by labeling it as such creates more harm than good. We at Casa Recovery agree that getting help can be difficult; however, there are many ways to approach addiction. Even the scientific community has no consensus on the definition and causes of addiction. Disease or not, what matters is which treatment the individual best response to, which is why Casa Recovery provides a comprehensive and holistic program designed to give you or your loved ones the best opportunity for recovery. Here’s how:

An Environment that Fosters Learning

Casa Recovery isn’t just a refuge for addicts; it’s a place of learning. We offer a comfortable, non-clinical environment so that every client can have a pleasant experience with us. It isn’t to erase their worries or to distract them from the reality of their situations; rather, it’s to provide a soothing, peaceful environment in which true learning may take place. Our holistic treatment approach focuses on treating the whole body, mind, and spirit with activities such as psychotherapy, drug counseling, and guided meditation group sessions. By relaxing the body and mind, our clients are given a better opportunity to heal and to learn how to improve themselves.

Learning the Tools to Move On

By giving our clients knowledge about their addiction and working with them to recover, they’ll be more motivated to take that knowledge with them into the future. Meditating and sharing their experiences not only helps the client realize there are others in their situation, but helps them move on. Only then can they truly take in the knowledge imparted on them and begin to make a change in their lives. They learn from our therapists and licensed professionals about how to care for themselves with the hope that wherever they go after their time at our Orange County addiction recovery center, they will remember how to care for their mind and body.

We aim to nurture our clients by providing them with both personal treatment, such as detox and massages and social treatment, such as group sessions and counseling. Contrary to Lewis’ beliefs, these methods do teach our clients psychological skills that can help them stay sober even after finishing our addiction recovery program.

Renewing the Human Behind the Addict

Casa Recovery treats clients as patients not to make them passive, but to show them that they are in our care. They are not just addicts, defined by their drug addiction or alcoholism; they are humans who just need a little extra help to overcome a disease. By following this approach, we’re not limiting clients from success; rather, we’re helping them cope with disease, as does anyone who has an illness. Just because you have a sickness doesn’t mean you don’t have any control.

The importance of community is something everyone can agree on, as it can play a factor in both developing and combating addiction. If you or your loved one is seeking a thorough, holistic addiction treatment approach in Orange County, CA, apply for our Casa Recovery treatment program. Like our past clients, we’ll help you move on to a renewed life. Visit our San Juan Capistrano addiction recovery team, or contact us today!

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