Dealing With Stress During Recovery

Dealing With Stress During Recovery

Managing Stress During Recovery

Many people with substance use disorder or addiction start using drugs or alcohol in response to stress. Although stress is commonplace for most of us in our daily lives, some people find it much harder to cope than others. Whereas one person may have a glass of wine or a beer after a stressful day, others are not able to stop at one, leading them to a spiral of substance abuse and addiction.

Because of the prevalence of stress in modern society and the fact that addiction is a relapsing illness, it is essential people learn to cope in recovery through some kind of stress management. Here we take a look at some healthy ways of dealing with stress that will also act as relapse-prevention for recovering addicts:

Stay Positive and Take Mental Breaks

Addiction is very much driven by the state of mind of the sufferer. Although it’s not as easy as simply ‘turning your frown upside down’, actively thinking in positive ways is extremely beneficial. Drugs and alcohol have depressant qualities that serve to perpetuate a negative state of mind and addictive behaviors. Many people in rehab use cognitive behavioral therapy sessions as a way of bringing about a change of mindset that’s rooted in positivity.

Exercise Regularly

Taking regular exercise has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood and enhance both mental and physical health. Exercise also boosts self-esteem which is important for a person who has been suffering from a poor self-image for a prolonged period of time. Regular exercise is also the best way of replacing unhealthy habits with healthier ones.

Eat Healthy Meals

It is not uncommon for an addict to completely neglect their diet in pursuit of drugs or alcohol. Rehab treatment programs usually include a balanced and nutritious diet to supplement other medical and holistic therapies. Sound nutrition can improve mood and increase energy levels.

Jot Down Your Thoughts

Keeping a journal is a good way of recognizing achievements and also areas where improvement is needed. Addiction rehab and recovery is a journey that is well-worth documenting as it can be helpful in providing you with a better understanding of your issues with alcohol or drugs. Writing down your thoughts and feelings also provides an opportunity for self-awareness which is vital for a healthy recovery.

Learn Healthy Coping Strategies at Casa Recovery

Stress can be experienced when facing change and the unknown, so the process of recovery is by definition a potentially stressful experience. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment does not just involve quitting; there are changes to be made in many areas of your life in order for recovery to be a success.

At Casa Recovery trained therapists and counselors will help you identify your personal stressors and provide you with tools and techniques for handling stress without the use of alcohol or substances. Usually, a combination of methods are required and you will be assessed and assisted to find what works best for you.

There is a consensus of opinion that a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, decent sleep, exercise and relaxation such as yoga and meditation are all helpful in dealing with stress in rehab. Eating healthily is important as our body needs balance; lack of certain vitamins and minerals can lead to mood disorders and stress. Exercise and activity, in general, is a good distraction from stressful situations and thoughts, focusing on the physical can be a break from thinking and feel-good endorphins are released into your body. A decent sleep can help you feel far more able to cope; tiredness is one of the main causes of stress. Learning breathing techniques and mindfulness allow you to remain calm and focus on the now. Often we worry about something which has happened in the past or something which may happen in the future, focusing on the moment can have huge benefits and help you to keep things in perspective.

Learn How to Destress During Recovery at Casa Recovery

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