Activists and lawmakers alike are constantly investigating new ways to deal with the rising problem of substance addiction in America. In recent months, a high-profile endurance athlete Ryan Burke has revealed an entirely new approach to addiction therapy called ‘Mind Strength.’

The high-ranking international athlete has developed an unconventional approach to addiction treatment based on working the heart to maximum capacity to retrain the brain and eliminate addictive behaviors. Through extreme cardiovascular exercise, where the body is pushed to the limit in regular daily sessions, it is possible to significantly improve your body’s performance both mentally and physically.

Mind Strength Program Replaces Addictive Behaviors with Healthy Ones

The unconventional aspect of Burke’s Mind Strength program is that it is designed to get you to remain calm in stressful situations. Whereas meditation is often used as a mechanism to deal with stress, extreme cardio workouts strengthen both the body and the mind to achieve the same affect.

Ryan Burke has struggled with addiction issues himself in the past and has now been sober for three years and so he can empathize with an addict’s journey to recovery. The principal of Mind Strength is to train people to tackle difficult situations and problem solve when their heart rate is highly elevated. Running while blindfolded is another practice that’s part of Mind Strength and allows recovering addicts to work with partner athletes who help them navigate their runs as a team.

Silencing the brain is the objective, something that is familiar in the world of meditation. Meditation is also a feature of Mind Strength and encouraged as part of the ultra-physical program for the most effective results. This new and quite unusual approach to addiction therapy is in its infancy although not beyond the realm of becoming more commonly available in the near future.

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