Addiction is not just a condition suffered by adults alone. There are rising numbers of adolescents and young adults struggling with issues caused by drug or substance abuse in America today. Young addicts have a unique set of challenges to face when receiving treatment for addiction, particularly the question of where and how to continue with education whilst on a rehabilitation program.

Ensuring Academic Consistency is Important for Recovery

The main reason traditional school can be difficult for young addicts is that it can sometimes become an enabling environment, with the risk of relapse running high. There’s also the disadvantage of getting behind with studies and how that can be detrimental to future success. As with adult addiction, each individual case is intensely personal, and where traditional schools will suit one child, another may benefit from a more specialist environment.

Recovery Schools Can Help Young Addicts Heal

One type of school that has proven to work well for kids with addiction is known as a ‘recovery school.’ Here, students are able to keep up to date with academic studies while receiving addiction treatment with others in their peer group in a class setting. For many young people with addiction, being amongst others in the same situation removes any sense of social isolation that is often associated with adolescent substance abuse.

Recovery schools are also beneficial in finding the root cause of addiction in young patients, through the open nature of therapy sessions, both on an individual and group basis. If depression or another mental health issue underlies the need to use, or has been caused as a direct result of substance abuse, dual diagnosis is easier to achieve in a specialist school facility. Depression and addiction very often go hand-in-hand, although they need to be treated as two separate medical conditions, which is why early dual-diagnosis is critical.

Choose Casa Recovery for Specialist Treatment for Adolescent Addiction in Southern California

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