America has Declared an Opioid Public Emergency: Here’s What that Means


Earlier this year, the Center for Disease Control estimated that around 90 Americans die every single day from opioid-related causes. Such is the extent of the problem in the US, that there are now significant steps being taken to reduce the problem by tacking the issue of opioid addiction head on. There is a widely held misconception about drug addicts that they are from a poor background with little or no education whereas in fact, opioid addiction has become a big problem across the social scale in the US.

Addiction to Prescription Drugs on the Rise

Painkilling drugs like Vicodin, which are prescribed for serious injury are also opioids and people who are prescribed highly addictive medication such as these are also at risk of developing dependence and consequently addiction. The government has referred to the exponential increase of opioid addiction as a ‘public health emergency’ and is taking steps to combat the problem.

What is the Plan of Action against Opioid Abuse?

Measures the government is taking to deal with opioid use in America include the following:

– Improving addiction training for doctors so that more qualified practitioners are available to address the problem
– Imposing stiff penalties for health insurance firms who do not cover addiction treatment to encourage more people with opioid addiction to seek help
– Opening up more resources and allocate more government funding to combat addiction to opioids
– Raising more awareness of the problem so that more people know the signs of opioid addiction
– Combating the stigma surrounding drug addiction so that more people in need of treatment feel they can get it without being harshly judged by others.

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