The Long-Term Medical Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

Most of us know the general effects of drinking alcohol to excess which include difficulty walking, slurred speech, blurred vision and slowed reaction times although for most of us, these effects are temporary. The next day we may suffer the worst of all hangovers but there’s no long term damage caused by infrequent drinking unless it has become a problem and drinking to excess has become a regular feature in your life. Whereas getting drunk once in a blue moon isn’t overly harmful, prolonged and sustained abuse of alcohol can have a significant effect on the brain that can cause long term damage.

What Factors Influence How Much Alcohol Affects the Brain?

There are a few factors that determine how tolerant someone is to drinking alcohol including:
• How much and how often they drink
• What age they were when they first starting drinking
• How long they have continued drinking to excess regularly
• The person’s age, gender, family history, genetic background and level of education
• Their general state of physical and emotional health

What are the More Severe Symptoms of Damage to the Brain caused by Alcohol?

The most common characteristic of an alcoholic is that they will suffer from blackouts and memory loss. Their memory can be impaired to such a degree that they may even forget what they’ve said as they’ve literally finished saying it. This is because alcohol abuse damages the brain cells responsible for memory and unlike the liver, the brain does not regenerate and fix any damage done over time. This is why blackouts become more frequent and memory loss more common when someone has been abusing alcohol for a long period of time.

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