Strategies for a Successful Holiday Season and Sobriety

Just because someone is in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, it doesn’t mean they can’t participate fully in the Holiday Season’s festivities. However, more consideration has to be given to each event as it arises as to whether it’s a good opportunity to enjoy your friends and family or an invitation to relapsing back into addictive behavior.

Here we take a look at some strategies you can implement to get through the Festive Season and really enjoy yourself without risk of relapse.

Set up An Out-of-Town Meeting Schedule In Advance

When you know what activities and events are coming up over the Holidays that you would like to attend, you can make sure there are some meetings to keep you on the straight and narrow no matter where the party is. Thanks to the invention of the internet, it’s possible to find meetings in just about every town or city in America and so you can schedule some to fit around your family obligations and commitments to ensure you keep your sanity during the Holidays. Having someone to talk you through difficult situations without drawing attention to yourself will help you get through them better.

A Heightened Awareness of your Old Triggers is Essential

As part of your recovery, it’s important not to revert back to old behaviors or be tempted to re-visit old haunts or hangouts. It’s also crucial that you don’t dwell on the past and constantly think about the triggers to relapse that you could face over the Holiday Season. It’s important to let go of the past and all the activities and behaviors that kept you addicted, replacing them with more healthy habits and attitudes for a life of sobriety. It’s unnatural to expect that you won’t stumble across something that could trigger relapse during your Holiday socializing but don’t expect to encounter it and chances are, you won’t.

Remember that the Negative Reaction happening in your Head is not Reality

One of the common characteristics of someone overcoming addiction is that they have a tendency to take things very personally. This means that there is the propensity to misread situations which can lead to misunderstandings and awkwardness with the people you’re socializing with. For this reason, it’s a good idea for recovering addicts to step back from difficult situations without responding immediately. Taking time to think things through without jumping in and taking control of a situation leads to a better response to what could otherwise potentially lead to relapse. Although a recovering addict can feel as though they are under the microscope in social circumstances, it is very rarely true.

Discovery Strategies for a Successful Holiday Season at Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA

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