How Journaling Can Aid Your Addiction Recovery

When you write things down, they tend to become more valid to you—and it is that principal that lies at the heart of the reason why journaling can benefit you in addiction recovery. There are multiple benefits to writing down your experiences as you go through treatment and into a life in recovery. The main benefit is that it acts as a record of your rehabilitation journey because keeping a journal is a thought-provoking action.

Communication on All Levels is Vital for Effective Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs focus considerably on communication as a means for them to understand the nature of your addiction and also for you to begin to understand also. This kind of communication can be in many forms, from support groups and counseling sessions to spending a few quiet minutes putting pen to paper and really expressing what’s going on in your head.

Journaling in Recovery Can Help You Work Through Your Experiences

Getting into a daily routine of making a journal entry detailing your daily experiences, moods, responses and reactions is important, as is taking the time to consider what you’re going to write. Perhaps there was an incident during your day that made you feel particularly anxious and you were able to successfully use one of the coping mechanisms taught to you in rehab. This is a success that can serve as a valuable lesson in the future, during times when you feel under stress. You’ll witness in writing how you managed to go through a negative experience without relapsing, which is excellent motivation to continue your efforts.

Journaling Can Give You Time to Reflect

There are also areas in all our lives we feel unable to freely talk about to others. By putting these feelings and experiences in writing, it prevents you from internalizing negative issues which can be very detrimental to your health. Writing a journal is something that provides the backbone of effective recovery together with reference points that will always be useful somewhere down the line.

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