Drug addiction is a serious mental illness that requires professional treatment, and yet there are many myths about addiction that are still being perpetuated.

Here we take a closer look at 10 addiction myths and debunk them once and for all:

1. If drugs have been prescribed, they are somehow ‘safe’.

Although this is the case when prescribed doses are adhered to, it is often easy to exceed doses particularly when taking pain relief. Some prescription drugs are obviously more hazardous as others and many are potentially addictive.

2. ‘Natural’ drugs like cannabis or mushrooms are completely innocuous.

However, they do affect the brain’s chemistry and can cause long term health problems. It is not true to say they are harmless because they’re grown in the earth.

3. Drug fads like the ‘heroin era,’ ‘crack crisis,’ or ‘age of ecstasy’ are over and done with.

But that’s simply not the case. Drugs continue in circulation long after they have lost popularity among users. The opioid epidemic is a current issue that needs to be discussed and resolved.

4. If you’ve been drinking for a long time, you will have developed a tolerance for alcohol and can withstand addictive effects.

However, being able to drink large volumes of alcohol before feeling the effects is actually a sign of a drinking problem. It makes sense that the more you do something, the more the body gets used to it, and so having a high-tolerance level is a warning sign.

5. You can’t be addicted because you have a job, home, and family.

It is possible to be heavily addicted while remaining capable of functioning in the day-to-day. High-functioning addicts are not uncommon and are often harder to spot as their addictive behavior appears to have no harsh consequences on their lives.

6. Being addicted to a substance is a lifestyle choice.

In fact, by saying so it implies that you can simply stop drinking or using drugs with ease, when you choose to. Addiction is a mental illness and once damaging chemical changes behind it have taken place, you can often feel as though you have no choice but to carry on using. This is the point where substance abuse becomes an addiction issue.

7.  Once detox has been completed, you are completely done with your rehab from addiction.

More often than not, this is not usually the case. Although detox can be incredibly challenging, it is just the first step in a rehabilitation journey that lasts for life. Just like some chronic medical conditions like diabetes or asthma, addiction needs to be managed throughout your lifespan as there is no ‘cure’.

8. A relapse throws you right back to square one.

This is a common myth that can lead many to view a relapse as complete failure and are thrown off the right track to recovery. It is entirely possible to relapse, but you must understand what drove you to relapse and make changes to ensure you prevent addiction relapse in the future.

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