One of the hardest aspects of recovering from alcohol or drug abuse is the cravings that can easily drag you back into bad behaviors and addictive patterns. In order to achieve the maximum benefit of drug or alcohol addiction treatment, learning some coping mechanisms to deal with the inevitable cravings can significantly boost your chances.

Here we take a look at seven ways you can prevent, manage and even stop cravings for alcohol:

1. Recognize the Triggers

The urge to drink can be triggered by either internal or external stimuli. Recognizing the early signs can help you avoid relapsing.

  • Internal Triggers: Thoughts ranging from excitement through to frustration or stress can lead to you feeling like you need a drink. Also, unpleasant physical sensations caused by headaches, tension or anxiety can trigger cravings for alcohol.
  • External Triggers: These are things outside of your control such as other people, places or the times of day you normally associate with drinking can bring about a relapse. It is easier for you to avoid these situations that could potentially trigger a relapse, whereas internal triggers are less predictable.

2. Avoid High-Risk Situations

The best approach to your recovery is to avoid the situations you have identified as carrying a high risk of relapse, either through enabling behavior of others or temptation from your environment. Ridding addiction to alcohol involves a shift in lifestyle in every respect and that includes socializing with those who are still drinking.

3. Build a Support Network to Lean On

If you are surrounded by positive and motivating influences and people who care enough about you to want to build back your confidence and self-esteem, your sobriety is much easier to manage. Having people close to you who have your back, particularly during the early months of your recovery, ensures you don’t feel isolated and alone on your journey to better health. Confide in trusted friends and family members, and stay in touch with acquaintances you’ve met during treatment or in a support group.

4. Get More Exercise!

When you embark on a program of regular exercise, you appreciate the enormous health benefits very quickly. Exercise stimulates the same circuits and neurotransmitters in the brain as many substances that are addictive, so you’ll get a great natural feeling of wellbeing that really underpins your resolve to stay sober.

5. Try New Things

Your recovery marks the start of a whole new journey for your life and so it make sense to re-explore your passions and find out more about what makes you tick. By joining likeminded groups sharing interests in the same pursuits or hobbies, you can also reach out to new friends and get socially active outside the world of addiction.

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