The Heightened Risk of Addiction in Adolescents

Young adults are at a greater risk of drug abuse as they are more exposed to drugs and alcohol in social settings or at school. They also may feel peer pressure on them to start using drugs that they feel unable to resist and can lead to experimentation and possible addiction going forward. There are also many misconceptions about drugs among adolescents, particularly with regard to prescription drugs. The general belief is that if they are legally prescribed, they can’t be dangerous.

How Early Intervention Benefits Addicts of All Ages

In many cases, intervening with a close friend or relative when they are abusing substances but aren’t yet addicted treated can be life-saving. The reason early intervention is particularly successful is that it prevents a deep substance dependency developing and all the physical, psychological and emotional problems associated with addiction.

People who go from substance abuse to addiction can also find themselves experiencing difficulties for many years to come, even after full rehabilitation. A less mature addiction is easier to treat and has more potential for a full and complete recovery. There are also significant long term health benefits with early intervention, with reduced risks of going on to develop critical conditions such as liver, kidney or heart disease.

Casa Recovery Southern California: Drug Addiction Treatment in Orange County, CA

If you are concerned that a loved one or close friend is abusing either alcohol or drugs and you want to help them, you can contact us in confidence for advice on how you can intervene and get them the treatment they need. Casa Recovery is a well-established addiction recovery center offering personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs for sufferers and also extended family. We can provide you with the support you need to beat addiction and enjoy a well-managed life of sobriety. For specialist addiction treatment in San Juan Capistrano, CA or to find out more about how early intervention works, contact us today.

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