If you or someone close to you has successfully completed an addiction recovery program, it is a significant achievement. While you’re in treatment you have resources and therapists at hand to support you on your journey. It’s only when you leave the program that you become directly responsible for your own sobriety, which can be a difficult challenge. Here we take a look at five ways you can prevent an addiction relapse:

Steer Clear of Temptation

It sounds obvious, but many recovering addicts still try to mix with others who are still drinking or using recreational drugs without getting involved themselves. Though it’s great that you are able to test your willpower, you’ll unfortunately find yourself on a path where a relapse is imminently possible. When you come out of rehab, reconsider your lifestyle and those you interact with. Try to develop more healthy relationships with sober friends, and stay in touch with fellow recovery patients from your treatment program.

Develop a Rock-Solid Support Network

When you’ve completed addiction rehab, you need to surround yourself with positive people who have your best wishes at heart. When you were in the grips of addiction, you were likely surrounded by other users and pushed your family and friends away as part of your denial. After rehab is the time to reconnect with your support network and if you have to delete the numbers of old ‘friends’ who are still dealing with addiction issues, then so be it.

Develop a Healthier Routine

One way to feel stronger on your path to recovery is to make sure you don’t have loads of down-time where you run the risk of getting bored. You can do this by incorporating new, healthier activities into your daily routine. Try going for a run when you wake up in the morning instead of reaching for the coffee pot. Keep yourself busy by engaging in new activities, like learning yoga and meditation or creating healthy recipes. Eventually, these healthy daily activities will replace unhealthy habits and addictive behavior.

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Recovery takes time, but when you feel you’re making progress it can be easy to think you have conquered your addiction, which can often lead to a relapse. Everyone is different, so go ahead and take your time in achieving long term sobriety. Make progress at a pace that suits your personality and your lifestyle, and when you’ve found the right way for you, stick with it. Remember that staying sober is a lifestyle, not just a one time thing.

If You Relapse It Doesn’t Mean Failure

If you have relapsed, it can be quite easy to slip back into an unhealthy mindset, particularly if you view your relapse as the ultimate failure. Yes, it’s disappointing to fall back on your recovery plan but it’s not the end of the world. Try living in the moment and dealing with each moment as it comes. Dwelling on the past and fearing the future is what anchors you to an unhealthy way of life.

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