It’s coming up to the time at the end of May when we’ll all be remembering the sacrifices made by those who died serving our country. If you are concentrating on your sobriety or recovery, this time of celebration can be difficult for you to endure without giving in to temptation. There are parades, fireworks and barbecues throughout your neighborhood and it’s all too easy to join in with the fun. Here, we give you five tips to help you stay sober during the Memorial Day celebrations.

5 Tips to Keep You Sober on Memorial Day Weekend

  • 1. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before the event starts so that you are completely rested the next day. That will help you think clearly and avoid making bad decisions.
  • 2. Stay strong so that you don’t tell yourself ‘one drink will be fine.’ You know that just one drink is one too many when you struggle with alcohol addiction and are trying to maintain sobriety. Make it clear to everyone from the outset that you do not drink anymore.
  • 3. Be mindful of your own feelings. If you feel creeping anxiety through the day, allow yourself to relax, taking deep breaths until the anxiety clears.
  • 4. Lean on family and friends. Your loved ones know the issues you face and so it’s important to rally your support together to keep you sober over the weekend. Make sure a reliable family member, friend, or even another recovering drinker is on standby to take your calls if necessary.
  • 5. Consider driving your own car to the event.This way,  you won’t be tempted to drink knowing you have to take yourself home. Plus, you can make a quick escape if you feel your resolve faltering or feel pressured to drink.

Most importantly, go easy on yourself. The journey of recovery from alcohol addiction is not an easy one and so you need to acknowledge your fears but carry on anyway. Don’t view every step back as a reason to give up. Mistakes will be made while you’re maintaining your sobriety. Forgive yourself if that happens and try not to repeat them.

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