It’s very difficult to distinguish someone who enjoys a drink socially from time to time and someone who has a problem with alcohol. That’s because alcohol is so widely accepted in our society and now more people drink than don’t. Who’s to know what goes on behind closed doors? Here are five ways you can tell either you or your loved one could have a drinking problem.

Five Signs You May Have a Drinking Problem

  1. 1. Consistently neglecting responsibilities either at home, school or work as a result of your drinking. Perhaps you are performing poorly because you’re still hung over from the night before or perhaps you feel anxious until you’re able to finish work and start drinking.
  2. 2. Problem drinkers can become a hazard to coworkers if there’s heavy machinery to operate or driving involved at work. Even mixing alcohol with prescription drugs can seriously impair your work performance. A problem drinker will be oblivious to these dangers.
  3. 3. Repeatedly getting arrested for DUI or for drunk and disorderly behavior is a common symptom of someone with a drink problem. This stems from the reckless and irresponsible behavior that often accompanies alcohol addiction.
  4. 4. If you or your loved one turns to drink to de-stress or relax, there could be underlying issues with alcohol. The main problem in this situation is that alcohol is a depressant and any stress or anxiety is exaggerated when under the influence. This spiraling repetitive behavior is common in alcoholics.
  5. 5. If you continue to drink even though your relationships are breaking down as a result – there’s a problem. Someone in the grips of alcohol addiction becomes oblivious to the suffering they cause in the relationship they have or how much close family and friends have to endure. This can often result in problem drinkers being or feeling alienated from their loved ones.

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