Stay Sober this Fourth of July with these 5 Tips

Image by Andy Karmy via Flickr

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, your friends and family are probably planning this weekend’s celebrations. However, a part of these celebrations usually involve drinking. But just because the party you’re invited to will have alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t go. You can still have a good time and stay sober at any July 4th party if you follow these five tips:

1. Plan Ahead

Communicate you needs with your loved ones and with the Fourth of July party hosts. Let them know in advance about your goal to remain sober so that they can help you stay sober. Informing the hosts ahead of time will help them prepare their activities and drinks accordingly to help you enjoy the party.

You should also mentally prepare for the weekend ahead. Think about potential situations you might find difficult to cope with, and plan an exit strategy should you decide to leave early. No matter how much your loved ones or the party hosts want to help you have fun, sometimes you’ll still find yourself amongst stressful or unsupportive individuals. Drive yourself to the party so you can leave at any time; if you go with someone, make sure he or she is willing to take you home when you want to leave.

2. Bring Your Own Beverages

When at a party that involves drinking, perhaps the best strategy to ensure you remain sober is to simply bring your own non-alcoholic drinks. Bringing your own beverages sends a clear message to other attendees that you aren’t going to drink alcohol, and will stop them from persuading you to join them. Remember, drinking isn’t all the fun at a Fourth of July party; it’s all about sizzling barbecue, enjoying ice cream under the sun, and watching fireworks.

3. Bring a Sober Friend

Invite a sober friend to attend the July 4th party with you if you think there won’t be anyone else at the party who will be sober. Sometimes it’s difficult to have fun at a party where everyone is drinking alcohol. Ask you host ahead of time if you can bring a friend, and then invite someone from your support group to come with you. Having a friend there who shares in your sobriety will not only be fun, but will remind you of your goal to remain sober.

4. Throw Your Own Fourth of July Celebration

Who says you can’t throw a fun party without alcohol? Consider hosting your own July 4th party that is alcohol free. This way you won’t be stressed by the prospect of dealing with friends who are drinking, and you’ll get to have fun planning the celebration. You can invite members of your support group and other friends who want to keep their holiday alcohol free.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate

Oftentimes, you might find yourself being pressured by a friend to drink, especially if that friend is already drunk. Learn to communicate what you want ahead of time so that you can give people a firm “no” when asked. If people are pushy, walk away from the situation. Don’t worry about being seen as rude or not fun—what matters more than anything is your health and wellbeing.

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