Recognizing Early Addiction Signs in Teens


Teenage drug abuse is becoming a significant problem in America, making it important to know the warning signs. Because an adolescent brain is still developing, there is a higher risk of a teenager becoming addicted to substance than there is for an adult. There is also a very real chance of creating significant problems with brain function as a result of taking drugs or using alcohol excessively from a young age.

What are the Warning Signs of Teen Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Although many teenagers experiment with drugs and/or alcohol, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they will become addicted. There are many different signs a teen is using drugs or alcohol and parents can be proactive in determining if there is a problem.

The most common signs of teenage substance abuse include:

  • Declining performance at school with falling grades
  • Bloodshot eyes, dilated or contracted pupils
  • Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed
  • Poor personal hygiene and not taking care of their appearance
  • Avoiding eye contact when spoken to
  • Frequent hunger or “munchies”

The first step for parents to take is to have a conversation with their teen about substances in general. Without making any direct comments or remarks implying suspicion, simply discuss the use of drugs and alcohol in a general way. Parents know their child well enough to gauge what’s going on through the way they respond during the conversation.

Reach Out to Casa Recovery for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Important discussions today can help prevent problems in the future. If you find, however, that your teen’s choices have affected them now as adults, Casa Recovery can help. We have drug and alcohol addiction programs that can help your addicted loved one, and we are conveniently located in Orange County. Visit us today to learn more, or contact us for a confidential consultation today. We would love to help you or your loved one get back to a healthy and fulfilling life.

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