Spring Cleaning: How to Declutter your Home and your Brain

Knowing how to take care of your mental health is important for all of us, particularly as mental illnesses can develop without us realizing. One of the most challenging aspects of modern-day life are the stresses we regularly face which we all deal with differently. Some people are very capable of coping with a lot of responsibility or challenging situations, but it’s not always so easy for others. Creating a dialogue about mental illness is important so that we take the necessary steps to protect our mental health.

Declutter your Brain for Better Mental Health

Mental illnesses are generally driven by an internal dialogue. Most of us are aware of our thought processes but only usually when we are consciously thinking of something such as a to-do list for example. When a person is suffering from a mental illness they will occasionally find themselves more aware of their thought processes than at other times. When focusing on these thoughts, they tend to be deeply negative, which feeds a person’s mental illness and often makes it worse.

Decluttering the brain is much easier to achieve than people realize, although it takes regular practice. The ancient art of meditation is the most popular way of finding stillness so that internal dialogue is silenced. Holistic therapies like meditation encourage people to focus on their breathing so that they are no longer conscious of their thought processes at all. Achieving a meditative state allows people to rest their minds and bodies for long enough to refresh their brain’s to restore focus and balance.

Mindfulness practices like meditation are increasingly being used in rehab centers because they are shown to be effective tools to protect against relapse. People suffering from mental illnesses are likely to be dealing with triggers for relapse for many years, making it important they have effective coping mechanisms in place.

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