Once the first step has been taken to seek help for addiction issues, it is natural to have questions about the process involved. Withdrawal from drugs can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, which is why it is always advisable to seek treatment at a specialist addiction recovery center. Although it is an unpleasant process, it is essential to detox methadone from your body before successful rehabilitation can begin.

Here we break down the stages of methadone withdrawal into three stages:

Stage One

Feelings of anxiety and paranoia, nausea, inability to sleep, abdominal pain and a high temperature characterize the first stage of withdrawal. Symptoms start to be displayed 8 hours after the last instance of drug use.

Stage Two

Increased body temperature and hot flashes, unusual heart rate, palpitations and high blood pressure are noted in the second stage, 24-72 hours after substance use.

Stage Three

The final stage of withdrawal brings with it hallucinations, seizures, fever and increased agitation and this can commence from around 72+ hours after using.

Detox Addiction Treatment

Detox is the hardest part of addiction treatment but once it is done, there’s an excellent chance of a full recovery. Although the symptoms are unpleasant, they can be managed more successfully in a specialist treatment center and all symptoms should lessen within five to seven days of the process if conducted under supervision. There are many benefits of being in a controlled medical environment when going through a detox program and patients are more likely to commit to further treatment once successfully completed. Then, they can go on to enjoy successful rehabilitation from drug addiction.

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