Everyone tends to make optimistic promises in the New Year, empowered by the prospect of turning over a new leaf on January 1st. However, for someone overcoming substance abuse, it is not as simple as making a promise to quit. That said it is still possible to resolve to take steps towards getting help for substance abuse such as checking into rehab in the New Year or offering more support to an addicted loved one.

Recovery Goals for the New Year

Although recovery represents a challenging time to someone leaving rehab, it can also be a playground of opportunity. People often emerge from rehab to become the best version of themselves in recovery. Reinventing yourself is easily possible when you start from a clean slate, as long as you know where you’re headed. Setting recovery goals can help provide the motivation to change. By looking at your life now, you can determine how you would like it to be in a year’s time and take it from there.

The important thing to bear in mind is that addiction is a relapsing illness, which means your sobriety is at risk on a daily basis. As you progress through recovery, this will become easier to manage, especially if you are focusing on achieving your New Year goals. One of the benefits of goal-setting is that it gives a fixed target to set your sights on. When you were in rehab, you were kept busy throughout the day with therapy sessions and treatment. It’s a good idea to keep busy in recovery too which you can do if you’re applying yourself to achieving your goals.

A good resolution for a recovering addict to make is to communicate more. Reaching out for help or offering support to others in recovery is a positive boost to your progress and will improve your self-awareness. Take up a new hobby or pastime and devote your time to things you enjoy. You never know, you may find you have a talent you never knew you had. Ultimately, look at your recovery as the most exciting phase of your life where you can be whatever you want to be. Even though there are bound to be down days, if you keep your eye on the prize you’ll achieve anything you set your mind to.

Make New Year’s Resolutions for Recovery with Casa Recovery

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