Common Holiday Stressors and How to Avoid Triggering a Relapse

Many people find the holiday season stressful, mostly because they feel forced to participate when they would rather not. People who are recovering from substance abuse can find the holiday season particularly challenging as they work to protect their sobriety. However, it is still possible to fully engage in the holidays and enjoy every minute without risking relapse. Here we show you how.

Tense Family Dynamics

Although we love our families, when we come together it isn’t always harmonious. Tense relationships during the holiday season are commonly cited as reasons for creating stressful environments. This can be difficult to cope with for a person in recovery. It is important to remember that you can only control your own behavior. If things get heated during a family gathering, it is always best to avoid confrontation altogether. Bite your tongue and don’t engage in negative discussions that have the potential to get out of hand.


Not everyone is blessed with loved ones to share the holiday season with. Loneliness is a very real problem over the holidays and something that can trigger relapse for a vulnerable person in recovery. There are ways you can prevent loneliness including:

  • Get involved in volunteer work
  • Find a local recovery event to attend
  • Host your own celebration
  • Connect with your friends

Hosting Responsibilities

If you’re in charge of catering for your family over the holidays, the pressure is on. We are talking about the most important meal of the year after all! People tend to get over-stressed when they are hosting over the holidays although it doesn’t have to be that way. Preparing as much in advance as possible will help on the day and delegating tasks to others will help you host a fabulous feast. Just don’t take the whole weight of responsibility on your own shoulders when hosting over the holidays. Let others help take up the slack.

Avoid Relapsing this Holiday with Casa Recovery Detox and Treatment in Orange County, CA

Although the holiday season can be stressful, it is also the perfect time to connect with family and friends. If you are struggling with substance abuse, you may need more support to help you through the holidays. Casa Recovery is here for you at our exclusive addiction recovery center in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Contact Casa Recovery in confidence and start your recovery journey today.

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