Give Yourself a Break

Give yourself a break.

There is a misconception in our society when it comes to the words “self-care”. Society defines taking care of one’s body as buying an annual pass to the gym or picking up a kale salad instead of a juicy burger. Although, this is one form of self-care, it by no means is the definition of what it takes to care for oneself.

When it comes to giving ourselves a break in moments of stress, we must allow ourselves to incorporate rest between the physical and mental limitations of our bodies. Doing so will allow us to limit the amounts of pressure within ourselves instead of releasing it during times of extreme duress.

Self-care can improve our mental states by simply doing what makes us happy. It can range from binge-watching an entire show on Netflix to enjoying a cone of chocolate chip ice cream from the local shop. It can be done right in the privacy of our own home or up in the skies of the Appalachian Mountains. Wherever and whatever we decide to do with the time we dedicate to ourselves is the epitome of self-care.

Whether there is an important deadline coming up or a nerve-wracking interview, give yourself the opportunity to initiate self-care within each day. The more we practice, the more we love ourselves and the world around us.

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