A new nasal spray that prevents opioid overdose was trialed at the beginning of the year and is successfully being implemented in other states where opioid abuse is an issue. The Narcan nasal spray is being made available to police departments, drug users and relatives of addicts across the US as a way of preventing drug overdoses, and has already been proven to save lives.

Narcan is the brand name of naloxone, the only drug with the potency to stop an opioid overdose in its tracks. Police departments supplied with Narcan nasal spray kits have reported saving lives after having the tool for as little as two days, indicating the high level of requirement for this product nationwide.

Narcan Nasal Spray Stops Opioid Addiction in its Tracks

Opioid use has been a rising problem in America for a number of years and following approval by the US Food and Drug Administration in late 2015, Narcan nasal spray is now accepted as being a lifesaving drug capable of completely reversing heroin, fentanyl or prescription drug overdoses.

The product is ideal for use by first-response units such as the police and others delivering emergency medical attention and is also relatively cheap compared with injections. Demand has been proven to be extremely high for the Narcan product and, with just a handful of pharmaceutical companies offering it, prices are set to increase as a result. The Narcan nasal spray will soon be readily available on prescription at pharmacies nationwide, although there are fifteen states currently allowing the nasal spray to be sold without a prescription from a healthcare professional including California, New Jersey and Utah.

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