The Main Dangers of Barbiturate Abuse

When barbiturates are taken for medical reasons, it is to help people sleep. However, there are serious dangers connected to prolonged barbiturate use that have been recognized for a long time. One of the biggest dangers is when the dose is increased to achieve a desirable effect after some tolerance to the drug has been developed. For example, an insomniac takes a dose of barbiturate that is not very far from a lethal amount in order to get a decent night’s sleep. The bottom line is that it does not take very many barbiturates to cause a fatal overdose.

Barbiturates are Highly Addictive and Easily Obtained

Barbiturates have been available on the black market for decades, largely driven by the frequency with which it used to be prescribed until recent times. Often prescribed drugs are stolen from pharmacy stock or en route to delivery and diverted to the illicit market. Despite the fact barbiturates are prescribed less now than they used to be, they’re still very easily available on the street.

Barbiturate Abuse Can Lead to Fatal Outcomes

The main issue is that there are frequently other drugs involved in barbiturate overdoses and potentially lethal combinations are continually being distributed to illicit markets. People who abuse barbiturates can easily take a lethal cocktail by mixing barbiturates with opioids while drinking alcohol at the same time. This combination can be potentially fatal as it tends to suppress breathing.

If someone has taken too much barbiturate, the symptoms they display are quite striking and include:

  • Difficulty thinking
  • Poor judgment
  • Slow and shallow breathing
  • Slow or slurred speech
  • Lethargy
  • Extreme sleepiness or even unconsciousness
  • Poor coordination and an inability to walk without staggering or stumbling

The important thing to remember about barbiturate abuse is that it is a serious drug that can easily kill you. Its medical properties render it completely inappropriate for recreational use and the risk is never worth taking.

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