Addiction and depression often go hand in hand although there are many misconceptions about both conditions. For a start, depression is not something you can snap out of and addiction isn’t the result of an over-indulgent personality. It is important to remember that both addiction and depression are illnesses; depression is a mental illness and addiction, a chronic disease. It is not sufficient to acknowledge the link between the two rather to treat them both independently.

Is Depression the Cause or Effect of Addiction?

The simple answer is that both are true. When someone is suffering with depression, they may seek to self-medicate the very real and distressing symptoms ill-advisedly. Many depression sufferers may be unaware of the reasons they feel they way they do and might not know they have an illness, which can prevent them from seeking timely treatment. In attempts to alleviate the symptoms of depression, drugs and alcohol can quickly become a source of relief and this is usually the first step towards spiraling dependence.

On the other hand, prolonged abuse of substances and alcohol can also trigger depression in someone with a genetic propensity for the illness. Symptoms can be heightened and made even more frightening when the effects of mind-altering substances or alcohol wear off which can lead to someone abusing more to get relief.

The Importance of Dual-Diagnosis in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

When someone enters a rehabilitation center for the first time, they will be extensively tested and assessed to determine the exact nature of their addiction and whether they are suffering co-occurring conditions. Dual-diagnosis essential as both depression and addiction have very separate treatment models, depending on the causes and underlying health issues. It is because of the strong link between depression and addiction that recovery centers focus the first few days or weeks on achieving the most accurate diagnosis for each patient.

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