Importance of Acceptance During Addiction Recovery

Importance of Acceptance During Addiction Recovery

Understanding how Acceptance can Impact Your Recovery


When someone has been struggling with substance abuse, they often become very isolated from those close to them. One of the characteristics of addiction is that a person will continue to use drugs or alcohol even though their lives are falling apart around them. It is during this spiral decline that many find themselves withdrawing from loved ones as they fall further into the grasp of addiction illness. One of the objectives of addiction treatment is to restore a sense of acceptance both for the individual themselves and those close to them.

Why Acceptance Matters in Addiction Recovery

Because we understand addiction much better these days, we know that it is an illness that can be treated. This is important to bear in mind as it can be very easy for the addict and their loved ones to feel they use drugs or alcohol because they choose to or because they are in some way weak. Research shows that people cope better in recovery when they have a strong support system and are supported by those close to them. In order to reach this point in their journey, they have to achieve acceptance.


The main thing to remember is that addiction doesn’t define who a person is. There are still misconceptions about addiction, many stemming from organizations such as AA or NA with their 12-Step approach. There is no need for a person to feel they are somehow flawed because they can’t control the compulsion to use. What they don’t understand is that the compulsion is itself a symptom of addiction illness that can be treated.


Recovering addicts also need to feel accepted by others in their lives, particularly as they transition from rehab center to recovery. This means that it is not just the addict themselves who needs to be educated on addiction, but also their family and friends. For this reason, many rehab centers offer family therapy so that the whole unit can embark on a recovery journey together.

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