How Spirituality Can Affect Mental Health

Spirituality and Mental Health

How Spirituality Can Affect Mental Health


A person who says they are ‘spiritual’ is not necessarily ‘religious’. This is because spirituality and religion are different concepts which require distinction particularly when in relation to a person in rehab for a mental illness. Many people draw a great deal of support from their spiritual or religious beliefs, which can also help them better manage their mental health in recovery. However, both are based on extremely personal opinions, attitudes and beliefs and so it is crucial for these to be identified as part of a rehab admission process.

The Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality is essentially a person’s unique belief system that gives them meaning and purpose in their lives. Spiritual practices like meditation and deep breathing can be carried out in group or individual settings and used as a way of coping with the stresses of daily life. Whereas there is no organized system in spirituality, religion is a very different story. Religious groups tend to be structured organizations built on a firm belief in a common higher power such as God or Allah.


People who are religious are generally part of a faith community, where others with the same beliefs come together in prayer. Sermons and teachings are delivered on one day of the week and also on festivals pertaining to the respective religion. Organized religion offers people a completely anchored faith-based system where they live within parameters acceptable to their faith. Conversely, spirituality is not an organized system, allowing people to find their own individual path to spiritual enlightenment.


In terms of mental health treatment, whether a person is spiritual or religious has considerable bearing on the type of program most likely to be effective for them. For example, someone with religious beliefs is more likely to find a traditional program such as 12-step beneficial for them than another who does not necessarily believe in God. Ultimately, recovering from mental illnesses like depression and addiction is a personal journey, without a one size fits all treatment approach.


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