Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Spiritual Tools

Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Spiritual Tools

Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Spiritual Tools

To be truly effective, addiction treatment has to have components that address issues of the mind, body, and spirit, making spiritual practices like meditation for example an integral part of comprehensive rehabilitation. Learning about various spiritual tools that promote a healthier mindset can give a tremendous boost to someone’s life when they’ve completed rehab and have returned home.

Here we take a look at some of the spiritual tools you can use to strengthen your progress in a holistic rehab approach to alcohol addiction:


Positive Self-Affirmations

A negative state of mind is common in people with addiction and the way self-affirmations can assist in therapy is by replacing negative thinking with more positive thought processes. It has been shown that negative attitudes drive stress-related health conditions such as hypertension, digestive disorders and also addiction. Positive self-affirmations improve creative and problem-solving capabilities that allow addicts to step back and consider their responses to negative circumstances and situations that might otherwise lead to relapse. Making positively reinforcing statements in front of a mirror and throughout the day leads to a subtle shift in someone’s belief system that is highly beneficial in a holistic rehab approach to drug addiction.


Expressing Gratitude

Expressing thanks for the positive things in one’s life yields tremendous results in addiction treatment, both psychological and physical. People who focus more on the positive in their lives typically can be physically healthier, sleep better, and experience fewer aches and pains. They can also enjoy better psychological and emotional health, showing lower rates of depression and higher self-esteem. Gratitude increases empathy towards others and eliminates less toxic or negative emotions, so this could only be beneficial to someone in the stages of rehab and recovery. These are all issues that people in addiction treatment have to address and so learning how to view life’s experiences with more gratitude is a valuable spiritual skill to acquire.


Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation are both mindfulness practices that focus on concentrating the mind to achieve a more ‘blissful’ state. Both practices have been shown to have benefits in addiction treatment and make a positive contribution to a life in sobriety. Prayer and meditation are great coping skills to have in recovery because they allow someone to develop more positive responses to negative situations that might otherwise lead to relapse.


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