Building a Strong Support System During Recovery

Building a Strong Support System During Recovery

Understanding How a Strong Support System Aids in Recovery


Research shows that people are more successful in achieving long-term recovery from addiction when they feel supported. However, a solid support system is not available to many people dealing with substance abuse. This can be because they have become withdrawn from friends and loved ones for fear of harsh judgment or that the people close to them are also using and abusing drugs and alcohol. Attending a specialist rehab program can help people build a strong support system to boost the chances of long term recovery.


The Importance of Building a Support System

When entering rehab, individuals are thrown into a world that’s dedicated to their healing. This is because it is well-known that it is extremely difficult – if not impossible – to overcome addiction alone. During their stay in rehab, they will be introduced to therapy both in individual and group sessions. Individual therapy will involve working with a therapist to identify the drivers of addiction and develop a strategy to overcome them.


While individual therapy sessions focus on the person, group therapy provides a slightly different platform. In group therapy sessions, patients share experiences, hopes and fears with each other in a completely non-judgmental setting. This is often a person’s first introduction to others at various stages of the recovery journey and is extremely effective in terms of boosting motivation.


It is vital to build a support network in rehab as individuals will almost certainly need continued help for many years in recovery. Having people on-hand to provide help and advice at times of difficulty is invaluable in keeping people on the right path. For people who do not have access to rehab treatment, there are a number of addiction support groups publicly available.


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