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Individual Counseling in Addiction Rehab
Individual Counseling in Addiction Rehab Individual counseling in rehab is a form of intervention treatment that is based on one-on-one conversations, guided by a trained therapist. Whereas group therapy involves a peer setting where others at various stages of addiction treatment share their experiences, individual counseling is completely focused on the individual and facilitates a deep interpersonal connection that is very beneficial in addiction treatment. The importance of counseling in alcohol addiction has been proven in many research studies as being an effective way of healing and here we take a closer look at the benefits.
An Initial Thorough Assessment is Crucial for Maximum Effectiveness
Because addiction is an illness that affects people in very different ways, a full and thorough assessment before treatment commences is vital in ensuring the most appropriate care. One of the best methods of assessing patients in rehab is through individual counseling. Addiction often goes hand-in-hand with mental health conditions, making accurate diagnosis essential which can only be obtained through comprehensive assessment on a patient-by-patient basis. Here are some of the signs that reveal if a person is likely to require individual counseling for addiction:  
  • They regularly experience an overwhelming sense of sadness or despair.
  • It is not possible to change their mood, despite help from family and friends.
  • They are unable to concentrate properly which effects their work or college assignments.
  • They seem distracted and can become preoccupied with unimportant matters.
  • They exhibit mood swings ranging from delirium to extreme aggression.
  • They regularly over-indulge on drugs or alcohol and place themselves in risky situations.
What are the Benefits of Individual Counseling?
There are several benefits of someone in addiction therapy receiving individual counseling including:  
  • Patients have their privacy and confidentiality respected.
  • The work is focused on their individual issues.
  • The therapist offers a non-judgmental, objective viewpoint of your situation.
  • Having the focus on an individual allows for more effective progress in rehab.
  • Sessions can be scheduled as an outpatient once treatment at a center has finished.
  • Individual counseling provides the tools to build trust for healthier relationships in sobriety.
For Individual Counseling in Rehab Contact CASA Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA
If you or a loved one have made the important decision to seek drug or alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA, CASA Recovery is here to help you on your journey to sobriety. We are a specialist center offering professional alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Southern California, with a wide range of traditional medical and complementary treatments available to you. We recognize the importance of counseling in drug addiction treatment, particularly in terms of preparing someone for a life in recovery. To find out more and schedule a consultation, contact us in confidence at CASA Recovery.
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