4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Sobriety

With the holidays fast approaching, it can be difficult to avoid alcohol altogether when your family and friends are throwing parties. Thanksgiving is meant for eating and drinking together, but that doesn’t mean those of us who are sober can’t enjoy the holiday. In fact, we have four reasons to be thankful for your sobriety this Thanksgiving:

You can enjoy the holiday instead of worrying about your hangover.

You wouldn’t believe how much time you’ll have on your hands when you’re not in bed recovering from a hangover. Instead of drinking the night away and spending the next day or two recovering, you can go out and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Help with the Thanksgiving meal preparations or partake in a run for charity. Or go ahead and take time to treat yourself to your favorite activities, like reading or crafting. And, of course, staying sober on Thanksgiving means you’ll make it to the mall for Black Friday shopping.

Reflect on how awesome you are for making it this far.

Staying sober can be difficult, which is why it’s all the more important that you reflect on your accomplishments. And your sobriety isn’t the only thing about yourself that you can be proud of. When you’re sober on Thanksgiving, you can really focus on the roles you play in your life and how important they are. Think about how amazing a mother you are, or how helpful you’ve been as a sister or brother. Reflect on how much healthier you are without alcohol in your life. Consider how much more time you can now spend playing with your kids or caring for your pets. Think about how good of a friend can be—especially when it comes to helping out friends who are drinking. They’ll definitely be grateful for you when you’re making sure they’re safe. Thanksgiving isn’t just about being thankful to others; you can be grateful for who you are, and spend time reflecting on how to improve yourself.

Spend time bonding with family.

Staying sober means you can really focus on what matters on Thanksgiving Day, as well as the rest of the weekend. Instead of recovering from a hangover and not remembering anything, you can spend time making memories with your family. It can be simple activities from watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade together to reading stories to the kids; when you’re sober, you’ll better appreciate those moments shared with family members.

Stay happy and healthy all year long.

If you’re able to remain sober in the midst of the endless rounds Thanksgiving food and drinks, then you’ve accomplished quite a feat. You should be proud of your sobriety during Thanksgiving, even when you’re surrounded by family who seem to be having a good time drinking. Just know that remaining sober means you’re strong, and if you’re strong on Thanksgiving, when everybody is eating and drinking, then you’ll definitely be able to stay strong, healthy, and sober for the rest of the year.

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