3 Ways Meditation Can Help Your Addiction Recovery

It’s widely accepted that drug and alcohol addiction is a physical disease, although less is known about its effects on the mind and spirit. Despite many preconceptions about meditation, more and more therapists are embracing it as a complementary treatment for addiction. At our Southern California addiction recovery center, we have witnessed for ourselves the positive benefits meditation can have on patients in our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Here we take a look at the ways you can improve your spiritual well being through meditation and how to make it work for you.

Improved Mindfulness

Meditation can be a great way to improve your mind’s focus. It’s quite a feat to achieve a state of silence by quieting your mind. When you learn the skill of clearing the internal dialogue from your mind and focusing more on your breathing and the meditative state you are enjoying, in time you will begin to experience heightened sensations, thoughts, and feelings together with a greater ability to focus and concentrate. This can be extremely useful as a coping mechanism and when you need to focus on maintaining sobriety.

Gain a Stronger Spiritual Connection and Avoid Addiction Triggers

Meditation is largely perceived as a deeply spiritual practice due to its link with ancient civilizations and cultures. It is considered that achieving the meditative state of a clear mind encourages spiritual growth, which is an essential step to take in any addiction recovery program. As you learn how to grow on a spiritual level, your former self-destructive behaviors fall by the wayside.

Learn the Art of True Relaxation to Prevent Relapse

When you meditate, you achieve a level of peace and tranquility that is invigorating. You also feel the benefits of a reduced heart rate, increased blood flow and improved concentration that contribute significantly to your overall wellbeing. Because meditation alleviates stress, you’ll find that you will learn how to use some of your meditation principals in your daily routine. With meditation, you’ll soon be able to cope with unsettling circumstances or unpleasant surprises without relapsing into drug or alcohol abuse.

Discover How Meditation Can Work as Part of Your Addiction Treatment at Casa Recovery

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