3 Exercises to Help You Stay Sober

Physical activity can be enormously helpful in your journey to sobriety although it can be difficult to get motivated. It’s a case of replacing old, bad habits with new healthy routines and that can take some time. The best way forward is to find an activity you enjoy and then be consistent with it. Work the activity into your routine at the same time of day and make it a habitual practice to dedicate that time to the activity you’ve chosen. You could consider doing the activity during the time you used to find yourself at a bar. That way, this will become a normal part of your daily routine and will take the place of your addictive behavior.

Here we take a look at three activities that can help you stay healthy and maintain sobriety:

Gym Workouts

The gym may not be for everyone but it can be a great place to work out in an environment where there are others working out at the same time. You get a solid sense of community and you can be motivated by others, making you more likely to stay on track. You can get a personal trainer to work with you exclusively to further help you stick to your efforts. Whether you enjoy free weights training or cross-fit, gyms give you access to a wide range of physical activities and are a great place to start in your quest for fitness. Plus, it gives you an actual location to spend time at, rather than being in or near a place that might trigger addictive tendencies.

Cycling Outdoors

You get the best of both worlds with cycling; the great outdoors and fantastic all-round exercise in one. You can go at your own pace with cycling and still have fun. You can find plenty of dedicated cycle routes for all abilities. You can also easily make it a group activity, so you can invite loved ones and share in the experience. Pick a pleasant route to cycle and consider bringing a picnic along. When you take breaks, you’ll get a chance to take in the fresh air and appreciate your surroundings. Cycling is invigorating and liberating at the same time, and a great way to help you stay sober.


Swimming is a fantastic all-over body workout that refreshes you while you train. Swimming is a great activity to consider as you can do it indoors or outside any time of year. If you want to do more than just swimming lengths, try getting involved in a swimming sport, like water volleyball. Swimming in a pool or even a beach is a great way to relax, and you can invite friends and family to share in the fun with you.

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