Why Multiple Approaches to Mental Health is Important

Why Multiple Approaches to Mental Health is Important

The term ‘mental health’ refers to your emotional social and psychological well-being. It impacts on your thoughts, emotions and actions; it influences your ability to handle stress; affects your decision making and determines how you relate to others. There are many factors which can cause mental health problems such as; family history of mental health problems; life experiences such as abuse and trauma; and biological issues such as genes or brain chemistry. Everyone is different, but if you are mentally out of balance, sooner or later there will be consequences. You may turn to substances or alcohol to try and make yourself feel better or you may end up having a mental health crisis. It is important to know the treatment options.

The Benefits of Multiple Approaches to Mental Health

With such a variety of elements involved, it makes sense to adopt multiple approaches to mental health treatment. For some mental health disorders, or in their acute stage, you may find that the structured, supervised support of an intensive residential treatment program, away from stresses and strains of daily life, provides you with the best chance of focusing on your recovery in the presence of experienced caregivers around the clock. Outpatient programs can work if you are able to maintain life routines but need access to professional medical, psychological, and educational services.

Medical treatment may be necessary; where there is considered to be chemical imbalance you may need to take antipsychotics, antidepressants, or anti-anxiety medications prescribed by a qualified clinician. When used under supervision these can be very effective. Cognitive treatments can help you learn new ways of thinking and behaving which will help you with how you approach everyday life; holistic therapies such as yoga, massage, and hypnotherapy aim to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable during your recovery and they work on your spiritual well-being.

Support groups which include people with similar problems can be very helpful to you; peer support is inclusive and accepting. Sharing knowledge and experiences with others removes the feeling of isolation often experienced by people with mental health problems. If your family and those around you need support and education about the issues you are facing, many programs offer family support as part of the treatment program.

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