What to Expect Entering Mental Health Treatment


When considering mental health treatment options it is good to know what to expect. You may have questions you wish to ask about the procedure, schedule, intensity, and nature of the treatment packages on offer. We here at Casa Recovery understand the gravity of entering mental health treatment is, and want to answer all of your questions regarding the process.


Addiction affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally, so when you enter addiction treatment these aspects will be addressed under qualified supervision. You will be assessed and evaluated, and a treatment plan will be designed to meet your individual needs. Knowing what to expect can help you ask the right questions when deciding on a recovery program.

What Happens at an Addiction Treatment Center?

Your initial assessment will help determine the nature of your treatment. Your caregivers will need to know the nature of your substance use; your physical condition; your mental health; your family history and your personal situation will be taken into account and there will be a focus on what you hope to achieve by taking the step to seek treatment.

One of the main things preventing you from quitting using a drug or alcohol can be the way you feel if you haven’t taken it. This is known as withdrawal and will be one of the first things to be tackled when you enter treatment. Supervised withdrawal is a vital part of the initial stages of recovery. Qualified clinicians will decide the best way to help you detox safely. This could determine whether you are treated as an inpatient or an outpatient. If you are not medically stable you may need 24-hour supervision initially.

As you are going through the process of recovery you will receive personal psychotherapy. This will address any underlying issues which may have had an impact on your addictive behavior. Some people use alcohol or a substance to deal with anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar disorder or depression, for example. Group therapy and educational sessions can help with some of the emotional causes and/or consequences of addictive behavior such as family problems and difficult interpersonal relationships.

You will learn new ways of thinking and behaving through topics such as stress management, relapse prevention, and conflict resolution. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and mindfulness meditation will be taught alongside cognitive therapies. A mixed, holistic approach to recovery has proven to be effective. You are a person with a misuse disorder, not simply an addict, and all of your needs to have been taken into consideration in order to move forward, make changes and learn sober living skills.

How to Effectively Treat Mental Disorders

When you are looking for treatment you will want to be sure that you are opting into a certified and accredited center. Qualified clinical staff should do a variety of assessments at intake and their findings should then be used to help design your individualized treatment plan. The plan will be based on how severe your symptoms are; what your relationship with medication is; and your desired outcome for treatment. On the one hand, admission should be carried out in a professional manner but you should also find personable staff whose job it is to make you feel better.

You will be offered different attendance schedules depending on your preference and the program which has been designed for you. It may be that you require inpatient treatment, where you reside at the treatment facility or in associated supported accommodation, or you may attend on a daily basis as an outpatient.

When entering mental health treatment you will find that centers use a multidisciplinary approach. This has been found to be most effective as there are often several reasons for mental health problems and they can be helped in different ways. There will be medically trained staff available to deal with the diagnosis, medication management, and any issues regarding physical health; access to psychological services such as counselors, family therapists, etc.; holistic treatments such as yoga, and meditation; and you should have access to an individual case worker who will oversee your care and any ongoing support.

Your individual treatment plan will incorporate the best type of cognitive and emotional therapy for you. Your schedule could include individual and group psychotherapy sessions and sessions where you learn new thinking skills. You will have a timetable of activities and therapy and regular follow-up sessions as you progress with your recovery. Alongside holistic therapies which should help you relax, there may creative activities including art and music therapy. Healing your mind and body is crucial and some centers focus on spiritual wellbeing as a major factor in mental health. Some centers can offer spiritual healing as part of your program should you so wish.

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