What Can Cause Addiction

What Can Cause Addiction

Understanding the Possible Causes of Addiction


Our better understanding of addiction means that we now recognize it as a treatable illness. That said, many people are still confused about why some people become addicted to drugs or alcohol when others don’t. The fact is that there is no single factor that determines whether a person will become an addict. Here we take a look at the various root causes of addiction, although it is important to bear in mind everyone’s experience of substance abuse will be different.

The Causes of Addiction

Biology: An individual’s genetic makeup can play an important part in addiction. Previous generations who have had issues with substance abuse or mental illness, may have a genetic impact on younger blood relatives.


Environment: Where a person spends the majority of their time has a significant impact on their propensity for addiction. If for example they live in a house where alcohol or other substances are used freely and openly, people are more likely to feel enabled to use themselves.


Development: The age at which a person first starts using drugs or alcohol can significantly increase the likelihood of them developing addiction. That said, someone can become addicted to substances at any age. However, when taking into account that the human brain continues to develop until age 25, the effects of substance abuse can be more serious for younger addicts.


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