Alcoholism at Major Life Stages

Dealing with an alcohol addiction at any age can be life-threatening, but there are specific challenges for those in certain life stages that can aid in the addiction. Read on for more information on alcoholism in major life stages, and how Casa Recovery is well-equipped to help.

Going to college is regarded as a major stepping stone to adult life and when you learn to juggle academic studies with socializing with peers. But can the culture of drinking while a college student have negative consequences?

There has been plenty of publicity about a binge drinking culture. But what about the effect of that on a young professional, who has after work happy hour, money to spend, and few responsibilities?

In your middle age, you might feel as though you have earned the right to behave as you wish and a few glasses of wine at the end of the day or several drinks at a dinner party shouldn’t be a problem – but is it?

You don’t normally think of seniors when you think of alcohol-related problems, but studies found a higher frequency of binge drinking episodes in the over 65’s compared to all age groups apart from the 18-24-year olds.

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