Highlighting Values

As part of your treatment program here at Casa Recovery, workshops that explore values identification are also an option. We offer a 3-step process that helps identify a person’s core values, such as leadership, courage, honesty, integrity, kindness, etc., after which you will be asked to write a statement defining what each value means to you, personally. This workshop generally helps identify positive areas as well as areas that need work in your value system, helping you build one of the most important cornerstones of long-term recovery. Our trained and dedicated staff here will work with you in these workshops to identify things that you might not even realize are your strengths, and help you focus in on what is inherent to you.

By writing down your statement about what your strengths mean to you, you can have a tangible and physical reminder of what those values are, and the true impact they can and should have on your life of sobriety. Sometimes writing something down and making a visual representation can help you truly grasp the truth behind it, and so this statement will be something you can carry along with you after you leave us here at Casa Recovery, to remember who you are without your addiction, and what holds true to your life.

Understanding what you value about yourself and what you value about the world around you will help you to create the life you want for yourself that is based on your strengths, and where your heart lies. This is just one of the treatment topics we cover here at our comprehensive rehab center here at Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA. We treat you on a whole-self scale, and not only help you through the addiction, but past it and into your sober life.

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