Bariatric Aftercare Program

Bariatric Aftercare Program

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Our Bariatric Program

We believe in a personalized approach to treatment and aftercare.

Casa Recovery provides a unique program that specializes in working with Bariatric patients with a wrap-around approach. The foundation of our program is based on addressing mental health, trauma and co-occurring addictive disorders through the lens of the bariatric experience. Our intensive program options include:

  • Weekly Bariatric Support Groups
  • Weekly Dietitian Support
  • Collaboration and Communication with Your Surgeon
  • Bariatric Specialist on Staff
  • Case Management
  • Holistic Therapeutic Services
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Nursing

Why Bariatric Aftercare is Needed?

Weight-loss surgery is a life changing event that can change your health and your outlook on life. It also changes your relationship with food and drink forever. Bariatric aftercare is an ongoing process that requires day to day attention, but the benefits of it far outweigh any short term difficulties you might encounter along the way. My hope is that this list will help you stay focused on what’s important:

The Importance of Support After Bariatric Surgery at Casa Recovery

Support groups are a great way to meet other people who are going through the same thing as you, and to learn from their experiences. They can also be a valuable source of support for you in your recovery process.


In addition to support groups, working with a individual therapist or psychiatrist will provide additional support.

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Casa Recovery Can Help You Identify Stressors in Aftercare.

As you begin your journey toward recovery and weight loss, it’s important to identify your stressors so that they can be managed effectively. Stressors can be physical, emotional, positive or negative; they can last for a few minutes or for years; they may relate directly to your surgery or bariatric procedure (e.g., increased pain levels) or they may be more indirect (e.g., relationship problems).


Stressors can also vary depending on whether they’re short-term (e.g., a work deadline) or long-term (e.g., financial hardship). It’s important to understand how each type of stressor works in order to properly manage it—especially when it comes to eating and drinking habits.


After bariatric surgery, you’re likely to experience feelings of sadness, confusion, anger, and even grief. The loss of food and drink can be a big adjustment for anyone to cope with—especially when it happens suddenly. These feelings are normal and expected after this life-changing procedure.


The best way to deal with these emotions is not by eating or drinking more; it is by finding healthy ways to comfort yourself that do not include food or drink (i.e., exercise, yoga, meditation). Exercise can help burn off excess energy in your body while also providing an outlet for the physical stress you may be feeling emotionally. Yoga can help calm both your mind and body by focusing on breathing deeply while relaxing into each pose as well as connecting with others in class through eye contact or small talk during breaks between poses. Meditating on positive affirmations such as “I am enough” or “This too shall pass” will remind you that things will get better eventually no matter how difficult they may seem right now! There are many other activities that can help reduce stress such as coloring books/paint by numbers/sudoku/crossword puzzles; crafting activities like crocheting blankets out of yarn scraps leftover from previous projects; etcetera.


The team at Casa Recovery does psychological evaluations and assessments. We can help identify these stressors through different therapies like CBT, DBT, group therapy, and more. Our therapists can help teach coping skills and self regulation through modalities like yoga, art therapy, and more to promote your aftercare success. If you are struggling mentally, don’t hesitate to ask you doctor for a referral to a mental health professional or mental health program where you can get the additional support you need. 

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Why You Need a Bariatric Aftercare Program like the One at Casa Recovery in Orange County, California

Successfully recovering from weight-loss surgery takes continual effort and practice after the procedure has been completed, here is how you can make that happen for yourself.


The importance of aftercare cannot be overstated. Your doctor will tell you the details of what to expect after surgery, so it’s important to follow their instructions carefully and keep open communication with them throughout your recovery period. It’s also vital that you have a support system in place before and after your procedure, whether this means joining a weight loss support group, a therapist, or finding friends who understand what it’s like being on this journey with you. A food journal will also help keep track of exactly what foods are triggering cravings and reminding yourself why it’s important not to give into those urges can help curb them as well. Honesty with yourself about your progress is key—if something isn’t working out as planned or if there are other areas where improvement could be made (like exercise), now is the time to take action before making any permanent changes that could affect later results.


Call our specialized team for bariatric care to learn more about our program. Casa Recovery could help you succeed in you recovery, improve your mental health, and improve coping methods in recovery. We are here for you!

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Casa Recovery is a treatment facility that is committed to clinical excellence and quality care. We are proud to offer highly personalized and affordable treatment for those struggling with a variety of issues. If you or a loved one is dealing with bariatric surgery and needs aftercare, we are here to help. Casa Recovery offers the perfect environment for your healing to start, where you are surrounded by nature and a supportive community.


Insurance Coverage for Treatment at Casa Recovery

Did you know that insurance companies cover mental health and substance abuse treatment? Depending on your coverage, your insurance may cover all or most of your program at Casa Recovery. Insurance companies also cover outpatient services to clients who live nearby and need a more flexible option.


Our Care Team is Ready to Answer Any Questions.

Casa Recovery offers a wide range of treatment options for those struggling with mental health and co-occuring issues. We are here for you and ready to assist in any way we can. Contact us right now to get the help you deserve from a group of people who care.


Our Care Team is Ready to Answer Any Questions.

Casa Recovery offers a wide range of treatment options for those struggling with mental health and co-occurring issues. We are here for you and ready to assist in any way we can. Contact us right now to get the help you deserve from a group of people who care.